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If you love someone, anything's possible. Time to discover the possibilities! Charlie and Lisa Jordache are having the time of their lives. With a growing family, supportive friends, new careers, and new roles as community leaders, life couldn't be better. When a mysterious object comes into their possession, their perfect lives are challenged by an intriguing possibility-- keep the status quo or risk everything to change the past. The highly acclaimed story of The Longest Time reaches new levels of excitement as your favorite characters return for an adventure that tests their faith, hope, and love... and reveals a greater destiny than they ever imagined! Countless surprises and twists will keep you on your toes in Charlie and Lisa's fun-filled, heartwarming, romantic, action-packed, often hilarious journey to becoming heroes. It will put a tear in your eye, a smile on your face, and a song in your heart... all the way to the heart-pounding, mind-blowing finale that leaves you wanting more!

ANOTHER TIME by Jared Vaughn

SKU: LT001
  • "Jared writes with such poetic ability that even the least romantic person will fall in love with this book."

    "Jared Vaughn is so good at making the reader connect with the characters."

    "I loved it! Really great attention to detail and always kept me on my toes!"

    "It was a fun read and I enjoyed it immensely!"

    "Had me laughing so hard!"

    "Couldn't stop reading!"

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